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  1. Im about to order the book ,anyway to have it autographed even if theres a fee? Been waiting for the book for a bit and cant wait to read it. Please let me know. Thank you

  2. My question too Mr.Gotti, can I get mine autographed… Looking forward too read this book and put it with all the classics..Grazie

  3. I was gutted when I found out the truth behind your fathers incarceration, to live a life where you have responsibilities that you opted for in the first place then to abdicate and surrender your role just to diminish your past and act goody goody, is sickening, Sammy Gravano should have never been granted immunity for turning his back on your father, your father lived by a code which all men live by, provide and Guard their family, Sammy was ok while he was getting millions on construction deals worth millions but when he got found out he turned into the lowest scum, just to abolish all his rights to the family, I look upto people like your father because he isn’t afraid to be himself and very few go the distance and then keep walking, with his head up, courts have bent the law that has made the government cowards behind transparent power, Crime is an action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law, LAW being the operative word as it can interchange at any time to suit the courts, your father did so much good on the streets and to the community and if it had been 60 years before, the events that led to his passing wouldn’t have happened because the RICO statute was a man made statute Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisation which your father was acquitted of, your father was framed which puts the government in a shallow place just where they belong, I am going to buy the printed version of the book as im over the UK, could you please, if you have time, autograph the book for me as I have been a follower since 1992 since I saw him in the papers, at 10 years old, peace John A Gotti

    1. Hey, he wanted to protect his own wife and family as God intended a husband and father to do. His own father said it was ok for him to get out of the street life. I’m happy John Gotti Jr. did what he did. He’s a much better man than his father was.

  4. I appreciate the books been out awhile buy only just got around to getting one. Did any signed copies get released in the end? Cheers, all the best. Matt

  5. I just became a Triple Amputee and spent two months in hospital. I am 30years old from Boston. This book was an inspiration, Kept me Strong and Helped me through my amputation and hospital visit! This book is incredible and I feel I could write my own novel on how much this book helped me and what I learned and took from it!
    Thank You,

  6. Mr. Gotti:

    Hello. Really enjoyed reading your book. Also enjoyed the two part A&E special that has been airing on and off for the past couple of years….And of course the newest movie out. Hope you’ll consider creating a reality show- despite possible apprehensions with publicity. And that you’ll continue to fight the powers that be on government injustices and environmental wrongs.
    Personally, I see that your contribution in the world regarding “the man” are more valuable than you can imagine- as a lot of people experience injustices from local and federal government- including myself.
    Your book is the best- I hope you will continue writing… Whatever the topic. I’d love to see your develop your writing.
    Good luck to you and yours. Xox

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