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  1. John, your dad was a great man. I got to meet him in Greenwood Lake NY I was only 7 years old but my grandfather knew him. We almost lived at the Italian American Club there. Is there anyway to get an autographed pic of you for my home office? Full respect to you , your father and family.

  2. Your father the one they call “the dapper don” Mr John Gotti is in my mind a real American hero of the people, a real gentleman that earn’t the respect that people have him. My only wish is that I would have loved to of met him. Great Legends never did. From John Cole, Gloucester, England…

  3. I’m a crazy fan of your dad and mafia life changed when I watched goodfellas about 4 years ago and since then I can’t stop thinking about great men like Don only regret is why i didnt live on that golden era and lost the chance the chance to know them and especially him in their life time(i was born 1994).they were the golden generation that stood against the government and the big G took them away bc every day they lived was a big fuck to the big G.and u,ur self are a great man bc u never lost ur loyalty and faithto him and followed his way the way u could.ur dad was a hero and I will try to pay my share to get his vengeance.

  4. John , I recently had the privelge to see the movie about your father with john Travolta, even though I have failing vision , I now to get to say I SAW a great piece of American cinema about the most awesome man that ever walked the earth !

  5. John,
    I recently had the privilege of see the movie that was made about your father with john Travolta playing him, though my vision is failing I can saw I got to see a classic piece of American cinema about the greatest man that ever lived !

  6. It takes courage to step out of the life. I believe your father did incredible things for his family and the community. You, however, made the biggest sacrifice in my opinion. I would love to have a sit down and just discuss life with someone like you.

  7. John you did it right brother you went to your dad asked him to be released from the family business even though your dad did it right he took the bad mob guys off the streets and ran the mob the way it should of been but you did it right people don’t realize that’s one dangerous game that nice your made and you move up the ranks and more responsibility there’s a number on you for that position just matter of time or who wants that job people do not realize that’s way it is in any gang and even the other families don’t get along there’s always some one getting whacked cause they screwed up look at your dad taking out tommy Desimone for killing billy bats and other things and well your dad and billy were best friends and billy didn’t deserve to die but that’s hang life I’m just glad to see you safe and sound and changed your life and your dad gave you permission god bless you and your family

    Email me or face book me on messenger I would love to talk to you and I n a few things you may have answers too I need no I’m not a cop I’m a Canadian that lled the same life in my teens but got out before the it was to late

  8. The past sounds like a lot of fun, and you guys looked good doing it too. Love how you hold your head up high. Your father must be so proud. Love the work you’re doing with WITSEC Mafia, it needs to be done and it seems you’re the right guy to do it. There are too many flippers these days. I don’t know how the Gravano kids walk around like their father is some type of god when he did what he did to your father. The family should of disowned him. Keep up the work love watching all the youtube clips about you and your father. All the best to you and your family. X

  9. Your family is awesome. Would like to meet you one day . Just ordered Mma from John 3 , it’s awesome. God bless . Ed

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