4 thoughts on “Witsec Mafia”

  1. Junior,
    Congrats on finally starting filming and having a World Class talent like John Travolta in the lead role.
    I know your a big fight fan, so I will ask.
    Do you plan on attending UFC 205 at the Garden in November?

  2. John
    Good see you keeping busy and out of trouble. I met your father multiple times when he would visit Miami. And was even scolded once. I’ve been following your book and movie stuff and now this wits rc project. I have to say I’m a little concerned for ya bud, there could be some blowback from this project for you. You know also the Feds take any criticism not well. And my concern is that they will find a reason to reopen your case so be careful bud. I’m a convicted felon and it was your father who told me to suck it up and stop running and go away do my time. And take no plea deals and I didn’t . So with that said just be care ful. You have a family to think about. Keep writing . I write also but lost my motivation when I got sick. I have a stack of great ideas let me know if you ever need anything.

    Good luck and Stay Strong bro.
    Chad “Danny” Roberts

  3. John, I’m writing an argument essay in my English college course about the immoral way the government enables men like Gravano and Alite to commit more crimes, as well as, how unjustly they use testimony to convict more publicly known names, like yourself. I was inspired to write this after reading your article in the Men’s Journal.

  4. I am about one-third of the way through “Shadow of My Father,” and now am looking so forward to your next book. I read the Men’s Journal article tonight and can only imagine what you’ll unearth for each of the informants discussed. You’re a wonderful writer and I cannot wait to have a shelf full of books by John Angelo Gotti, Jr.

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