John Gotti Movie is Back On Track!

The move is back on track and set for production in January 2015. After many false alarms, the movie is confirmed and announced. Kevin Connolly is set to direct the movie with John Travolta playing John Gotti Sr. The movie will be financed by Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films, Fiore Films and Herrick Entertainment. It will be premiered by Lionsgate through a multi-picture deal with E/F/O.

One thought on “John Gotti Movie is Back On Track!”

  1. Mr Gotti Jr. I’m looking forward to the new movie coming out on dvd. Do to constantly working, I’m unable to get to the movie theater to see it. I’m sure it’s just as good or even better than the Gotti movie that Armand Assante played in as your Father. Let me just say that the respect and admiration I have for your Father in enormous. I have read many books and watched many documentaries about the Man. I even wrote a book report on him my senior year of high school. Had to fight with my English teacher to approve it, But the principal finally did. I scored a 98% on it. I could care less about what the government and authorities say or said about him. I admired the way the man carried himself, and stood up for what he believed was right. I also appreciated and admired his morals and values. The way people, especially in your neighborhood respected Gotti was amazingly awesome. Your Father John Gotti will always be one of my greatest hero’s. I’m looking forward to buying your book, and I wish you and your family all the best between the movie and book. In closing I like to say, it would be an honor someday to shake your hand. I would also one day love to go to your Fathers resting place to show my respects and say a prayer in his honor, and Possibly lay a set of rosary beads on his site. Thank you for taking the time to read this paragraph. God bless you and your family Sir. And Got Bless John Joseph Gotti. Respectfully, Eric “E-Rock “ Rinaldi

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