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John Gotti Movie is Back On Track!

The move is back on track and set for production in January 2015. After many false alarms, the movie is confirmed and announced. Kevin Connolly is set to direct the movie with John Travolta playing John Gotti Sr. The movie will be financed by Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films, Fiore Films and Herrick Entertainment. It will be premiered by Lionsgate through a multi-picture deal with E/F/O.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Only a pedophile is lower than a rat. We had rules.’ – John Gotti Jr launches a new Mafia war against claims by former enforcer that he turned FBI informant

Son of the Dapper Don tells Daily Mail Online that claims he helped the FBI are untrue and that he could never bring himself to turn informer.JOHN GOTTI
Former Gambino enforcer John Alite has made the claims in a new book, saying FBI documents show Gotti Jr co-operated
Gotti agrees he met the FBI and does not deny talking to them but says he was plotting revenge on his enemies and has now walked away from ‘The Life’
He says of ‘ratting’: ‘It made me sick to my stomach. I have a son called John Gotti, how could I? How could I do that to him?’
John Travolta is to play Dapper Don in movie and will even wear his ties and drive his car to look the part





John A. Gotti & Peter Lance on Coast to Coast AM

Date: Tuesday – March 10, 2015
Host: George Noory
Guests: Peter Lance, John A. Gotti,

In the first half, investigative reporter Peter Lance along with John A. Gotti, the son of the infamous mob boss, discussed the true story behind the Gotti crime family and how Gotti’s attempts to leave the mob life and raise a normal family were repeatedly hindered by the Justice Department. Gotti was motivated to tell his own story and that of his father’s after numerous others, including journalists and government informants were publishing or about to publish accounts about the Gottis. According to law enforcement claims, Gotti served as the boss of the Gambino crime family from 1992 to 1999 after his father John J. Gotti was sent to prison. Gotti Jr. spent 77 months in a series of federal prisons after pleading guilty to racketeering charges and was released in 2005, and faced four additional racketeering trials, all which ended in mistrials.

Lance, who wrote the foreward to Gotti’s book, was given access to his files and became convinced that the Feds mistreated and hounded him after he’d already served time. He was impressed that Gotti Jr. steadfastly refused to testify against anyone “in the life” even though he himself had dropped out of the crime family. Gotti Jr. recounted tales of his father, who died in prison at age 61. Known as the “The Dapper Don,” he was said to have a genius IQ and never revealed the nature of his business to his family when they were growing up.


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