3 thoughts on “John Gotti, Jr. CNN interview with Michael Smerconish”

  1. I have read many autobiographies. Mostly rock stars, mafia guys (Gravano, Leonetti, Casso, Hill, Bonannos, et. al.), and athletes. Yours was unique in its thoroughness in revealing the corruption of the government. However, like other cosa nostra guys, you have your own point of view, embellishing certain things, while downplaying or slanting others. Nevertheless you, like your father, sound like a stand up guy. I know it’s difficult growing up in the shadow of your father. So did I. Just ask Hank Jr. I enjoyed the book. I hope you are really straight now. Good luck to you and your family.

  2. I have read the book. I’ve seen the interviews with Mr. John A. Gotti.

    I believe that very few people can identify or really understand how that life impacts individuals and families.

    There is so much tragedy, so much pain, grief and manifestations of anger. Our society, in general, focuses on sensationalism and drama that isn’t real. For the Gotti family it was real. Who cares if Mr. Gotti has an unspecified amount of money buried or hidden somewhere? Why do people even care about that?

    Why don’t people start looking at it from the perspective of the things that money can’t buy? Wouldn’t the Gotti family have been happier if their father was home more often? What amount of money is that worth? The Gotti children growing up without a father; possibly ridiculed by other kids? Possible shame? What amount of money buys that kid of thing to go away from their memories?

    Very tragic! God bless them to live long and serene lives.

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